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Our HR Policy

In the heart of Demir Company Group's success lie its most valuable asset, the employees. Therefore, it is aimed to obtain personnel having high education level, open to changes and novelty, able to make decisions with foresight, comprehend and continue to work with our values. It is in our priorities to promote the potential personnel who have comprehended our values to the management level. In order for a personnel to promote, the position must be open, the personnel must have the necessary knowledge and experience and show have already shown high performance.

Human Resource Goals

• To prioritize employee’s motivation and company loyalty,
• Recruiting personnel according to needs and qualifications,
• Rewarding high performance with equitable salary and therefore increasing company performance,
• Providing an environment for continuous learning and self improvement,
• Promoting professional employees to management positions and therefore intensifying company culture


Work Hours:
08.30 - 18.00 (Week days)
08.30 – 13.00 (Saturday)

Salary: : Determination of the salary depends on the employee’s competencies, performance and market economic conditions. As a base, 12 wages are paid a year, in order to reflect the market conditions, reward increasing performance and protect the wages against the inflation, once in a year, in January, wage increases are made by adding the inflation rate + welfare. However, extra adjustments are made according to the employee performance.

Absence Policy: Social law policies are carried out. Annual leave depends on the employee’s service duration.

Therefore, annual leaves are:
* 14 workdays for 1-5 years (including),
* 20 workdays for 5-15 years,
* 26 workdays for 15 years(including) and up.

Also, for employee’s younger than 18 and older than 50 are receiving at least 20 workdays annual leave.

Workplace Doctor:
A doctor is working in order to diagnose and treat medical problems of our employees.

Other: Our employees benefit from special products and services provided to our companies with changing conditions.


Demir Company Group posts job announcements to newspaper and/or web sites when there is a need. You can learn about the opportunities and make an application by following these announcements

You can apply to open positions from our internet website. All applications are saved to the database and records are kept for 1 year. Suitable candidates are called for an interview. Following the interview, a job is offered to the accepted candidate. For the positions that need foreign language, candidates are invited to a foreign language test.


University, Institute(2-year), and technical high school graduates have the opportunity to put what they have learned in their school into practice via internship. You can apply, from our website, to the internships positions which are determined according to the needs and desires of the departments. The following are desired in the applications:

The requirements for University students:
* To be enrolled in university’s Electrics-Electronics Engineering Departments,
* To have finished the 3rd year,
* To have good knowledge of English.

The requirements for Technical Institute students:
* To be enrolled in Electrics, Electronics, Industrial Automation etc. Departments,
* To be in the 2nd year.

The requirements for Craft/Technical High School students:
* To be enrolled in high-school’s Electrics, Electronics, Accounting, Public Relationships, Graphics Departments,
* To be in the last year.

The following criterias are prioritized for the applications to be accepted according to the quotas determined by our companies:
* Meeting internship application requirement,
* To be located in districts close to the company,
* The internship document and internship report given to the student by the school must be completed.
Summer period internship are done in June, July and August; Craftsmanship education internships are done in between September-May.

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